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Aims and Objectives

  1. To arrange such programmes which enable Ayurvedic graduates to practice only Ayurveda.

  2. To arrange lectures for Ayurvedic doctors by Ayurvedic experts.

  3. To arrange clinical workshops for Ayurvedic doctors.

  4. To arrange programmes for bringing awareness on Ayurveda among    general public.

  5. Arranging lectures by experts at various colleges and at public platforms.

  6. To propagate Ayurveda through the social and cultural activities.  (Bringing Ayurvedic awareness through entertainment).

  7. Conducting free Ayurveda health camps for public and distributing medicinal plants.

  8. To publish books on Ayurveda which are helpful to the public and professional Ayurvedists.

  9. To arrange seminars on Ayurveda and honouring the Vaidyas who have rendered Yeoman services in the Ayurvedic field.

  10. To recognize the prevailing problems in the field  of Ayurveda and finding solutions for them.

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