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Hari Om Dhanvantari, Welcome to the AAA

Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushtana is a project of Rashtrotthana Parishat, which is a registered charitable organization, striving in the field of mass awakening, mass education and social service.

Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushtana is sincerely discharging its Yeoman services to Ayurvedic practitioners and for public from past many years. ​


Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushtana being a charitable organization is wholly depending for funds on the liberal donations by the public.  Hence the organization requests you to kindly extend your support towards these noble causes in the form of donations and contributions.  The organization will be highly grateful to you for your timely support and Co-operation.

4th Dec 2022-Monthly CAME
Dec 22 - New.jpeg
Bhagawan Dhanwantari
नमामि धन्वन्तरिं आदिदैवम्

सुरासुरैर्वन्दित पादपद्मम् ॥

लोके जरारुक्भयमृत्यु नाशम् ।

दातारमीषम् विविधौषधीनाम् ॥

Contact Us

Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushtana

Rashtrotthana Parishat

Kempegowda Nagar

Bengaluru - 560019
Tel: +91-80-26612730

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